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The Beginning Of

Making it Happen || Sqiwy

Making it Happen || Sqiwy

We play games, right through our childhood. Some get interested in playing some gets interested in knowing and some.. wanted to be the one to make such Game :)

Had the dream, but the path ended up something like going just parallel to. Until decided to get start to as to finish !

Making it Happen || Sqiwy

Making it Happen || Sqiwy

Making it Happen || Sqiwy

Not only a Dream, let's make it happen. An action platformer, with a intriqing enemies and boss battle. Backed up with a Story. Planning a 2D styled with animation and quality up elements. A simple yet fascinating visual story.

About Me

Making it Happen || Sqiwy

About Me

Well, the story moved parallel but the path was somewhere near to the other.

From graphics design, to flash animtion and compositing to animation and video motion graphics and art game development projects. 

Sqiwy boss battle concept

Boss battle concept for Sqiwy game. Very rough draft, Actual gameplay would have tons of refined visuals.

sqiwy character animation test

Sqiwy, an action platformer. Indie game with a theme of robot story. Fund it on patreon and get benefits :)

Thanks for your support

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Dreams to Achieve

 Sqiwy indie project, as achievements goes ! 

Sqiwy Halloween..

Also a late Inktober mation...
Tried bit pixel stuff.. may be fully for some other time. Till have hope if something lifts this up and support sqiwy indie game. 

Christmas already :) 


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